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In This Updated 2nd Edition of "The Home Studio Bible," (formerly titled "30 Years In 30 Days,") Gary Gray, Voting Member of The Grammy Recording Academy and Protege of Quincy Jones, Reveals Secrets That Can Help You Produce Music That WILL Get Licensed.

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"In my book, "The Home Studio Bible," I explain exactly how I produce music that DOES get picked up for licensing deals, and how you can too. There are workable ways to do it, and many wrong ways. Benefit From Years Of Hard Fought Recording Studio Wisdom, So That You Can Use Your Precious Time Doing What You Want - Achieving Your Musical Dreams."
                                                                                    - Gary Gray

In "The Home Studio Bible" You’ll Learn:

  • Why you've been so frustrated up to now trying to get your vocal tracks to sound like "L.A." quality mixes.
  • Not just which plug-ins Top Pro Producers use but HOW exactly to use them!
  • How to get your music production quality up to Radio-Ready Industry Licensing Standards in 30 Days. 
  • What Music Supervisors and Music Publishers are listening for exactly - and how to bring them what they want to hear.
  • How to set up a template that will save you hours and give you consistent high quality recordings. Buy Now and receive a FREE digital poster showing you in detail how to set up your sessions just like Top Pro L.A. Mixing Engineers.
  • What exactly to listen for as you mix.  Buy "The Home Studio Bible" before Sept 1, 2014 and receive a FREE written PDF critique of one of your tracks, done personally by Gary Gray. 
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  • This book chronicles the fascinating path of Gary's Mentors and the lessons he learned from them, summarizing a 30 Year Career with some of the top names in the Industry.  The amount of usable information in just the first three chapters alone -- will immediately help you achieve your dreams of getting your music production up to industry standards so it can be licensed."

    Aaron Davison

    How To License Your Music.com
  • Gary, thanks for the advice on mixing bass and drums using side-chain compression.  I’ve never had it explained so clearly.  I immediately started using it on my mixes. . . the main thing that has held me back is trying to get my music to broadcast quality. The simplicity in which you teach really inspires me to learn.” 

    Javier Silva

    Independent Musician
  • Gary, thank you so much! My music is going to fly off the shelves. This track sounds great. I’m really glad I met you and Aaron. I have only showed a few people so far, but the owner of Luckstock.com asked me if I would consider an Exclusive Licensing Deal Already! You are the Man! Take care.” 

    Nathan Steinke

    Independent Musician
  • This book is my bible when I'm recording my songs at home. Supremely useful for anyone serious about home recording!"

    Davidson Yeager

  • I'm reading through your book and so far it's amazingly helpful to me! I'm learning so much that I have been wanting to learn but couldn't get the answers before. Thank you for this amazing information!" 

    Joseph Chung

    Independent Musician/Composer

Gary Gray
Voting Member of 
The Grammy 
Recording Academy 
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About the Author

In 2010, when Gary Gray finished co-producing and orchestrating Multi-Platinum Singer/Songwriter Marty Balin's Solo Album, Blue Highway, Marty wrote, "Gary Gray is a Master.  His orchestrations fit my songs like a second pair of pants and made them 10 times better."

You can call Gary Gray the "Investigative Reporter" of the Music Industry.  He has challenged "Golliath" for the good of Independent Musicians everywhere, exposing false information on audio engineering that has crept into recording studios (especially Home Studios) around the world. Gary explains, in very simple terms, the true and workable procedures and techniques for Home Studio Owners. 

Gary played drums for Berry Gordy & Suzanne De Passe at Motown Records, and has produced concerts for Jermaine Jackson, Isaac Hayes, Tool and Chick Corea. He has logged more than 2,000 hours of studio RESEARCH time besides the 10's of thousands of hours producing and engineering. He has performed more than 2,500 live concerts. He continues to be very active on the stage and in the studio. 

As a Voting Member of The Grammy Recording Academy and a busy Producer and Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Gary has been able to rub elbows with and be mentored by some of the Best of the Best. One of his current mentors, Quincy Jones, whose own Mentor, the late Nadia Boulanger, was said to be the greatest teacher since Socrates. "The Home Studio Bible" is dedicated to Nadia. 

"The Home Studio Bible" is the updated 2nd edition of  the book formerly titled "30 Years In 30 Days," and contains the latest techniques and approaches to the art and science of producing music for the Music Licensing Industry.  

Gary continues to consult, teach and produce for Corporate, Celebrity and Independent clients. He does detailed critiques for readers of his books and students of his online courses. He can be contacted at gary@TheHomeStudioBible.com